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Hello everybody.

Good morning. This is Chris Gallagher.

It is Friday and I want to share with you really quick. If I can, I want to share with you five things that I’ve got written down right here that I want to share with you.

These are five things that you could do, but there’s one book that you can do them in. I use a planner. It’s just an ultimate planner and it’s got all the cool things that I want to do in it over the course of the week.

But here’s what I do. I sit down on Friday and every Saturday and I plan the next week. I sit down every month and I play in the next month. I sit down during the year, and I’ll start that process in November, about the middle of November this month, and I’ll start planning the next year and all the great things that happened.

But here’s some things that you can do five things that you can do this weekend to make a difference.

# 1 – Create in your planner, or on a sheet of paper doable goals.

What I mean is, don’t just say, I want to lose 50 pounds and you go out and you just plan on losing 50 pounds the week. Because honestly, bright not going to happen. What you can do is you can go out and you can say, listen, this is, I’m going to start eating better. Here’s the steps that I’m going to take craft those very doable goals. Don’t you shoot for the moon and hope. But instead craft those doable goals,

# 2 – When you set those goals, give each one a set of tasks.

So, if you say okay, “I’m going to eat better.” What does that mean?

We have to go to the grocery store and get better food. I may have to watch different videos and we have some things on that on G5 Wellness. You can go to G5 and you can check out all of those things.

But you may say to yourself, I want to do better or maybe. If you’re somebody like me and say, I’m going to read a book. This is a book I am reading now, “The Earned Life.” So, I’m going to say, alright, so Saturday, I’m going to read a chapter, which means I’ve got to clear out some things I need about an hour to digest this. So I’m going to create tasks that go along with my goal.

The next thing is this; once you get your goals sit down your double goals, you’re going to get your tasks.

#3 – Schedule everything

So, once you get your task, you’re going to schedule it. Like I said, I want to read a chapter of this book, so I’m going to schedule some time on Saturday to sit down and read a chapter. A chapter today, a chapter tomorrow, the chapter on Sunday seems like a lot, but it really doesn’t take that long to read if you want to read. But I’ve got a schedule that I’ve got to put on my calendar.

That’s why I have this (my planner) and that’s why I’m able to sit down and to schedule all those things, it’ll help you out tremendously.

So once again, get your goals at your task then, schedule, everything.

#4 – Go do it

If you’ve got something on your calendar, go do it. Don’t just make, a task list. Put it on your calendar, put specific times, my calendar has specific times that I want to get stuff done. Sometimes I’ve got to adjust that a little bit, but it’s a reminder, this is when I want to get it done. If you use a digital calendar then give it a time, right?

So, #1 set doable goals, #2 put tasks with those goals, #3 scheduled, everything, #4 take some action. And finally, number five…

#5 Repeat this process every week.

Sit down every week on a Friday or Saturday and plan. The week ahead, sit down at the end of every month and plan. The next month, sit down at the end of every year and plan, the next year, if you do that no one things that happens. All the stressful things in life, they start to go away a little bit. The reason they go away is because you have planned for greatness. I would encourage you to do that once again.

Then go to, you can see everything that we’re doing. You can see all the ways or seeking to help people out. If you want to read these, you can go to 4031 You can check out our blog and download this.

You can watch it.

You can see that from the five things that we mentioned, you can see how you can do that as an individual.

But whatever you do today, I hope that you have a great day and I hope that you’re seeking to be better. That has been our four-minute Friday.

Hope you have a great one, and I will talk to you soon.

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