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Are you living a life or simply existing?  There is a difference in LIVING and EXISTING.  Which one are you? Let us assist you in starting your Journey to Life Today. Below are the ways we work with you to begin creating better days today for a better life tomorrow.

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Life Coaching


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How Do I Know If I Need a Life Coach?

What is life Coaching?

Life Coaching is for anyone who wants to do better.

Anyone who is desiring to grow and achieve their goals, while needing motivation, encouragement and an outsider’s perspective, is a candidate for coaching.

How Do I Know if Life Coaching Is Right for Me?

Life Coaching assists you in tackling the hard questions in your personal development. A Life Coach will work with you to figure out your current life location and develop a plan to assist you in achieving your full potential and living your created purpose.

Would you like someone to work with you in creating better days today for a better life tomorrow? If so, then life coaching is right for you. 

When can I begin?

You can begin at any moment you choose to begin. The choice is in your hands and on your schedule. However, if you really want to grow, you cannot wait.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you today.

How can 4031 Coaching help me?

4031 Coaching is built upon ownership, responsibility and vision. To create success, you must begin taking ownership and responsibility of your present condition to see clearly your vision. 4031 Coaching will work WITH you to help you by providing the necessary coaching to bring you to the next level.

is group coaching available?

4031 Coaching offers group coaching through different ways. We offer coaching through our private membership community 4031 Membership, through teleconferece and Zoom calls and in person workshops.

About Chris Gallagher

life Coach

Having worked with individuals over the past 25 years, Chris has helped individuals traveling the road to better living by helping them discover their purpose, create their vision and use their unique abilities to achieve more and grow into the life they desire.

Chris has worked with large groups, small groups and one-on-one with individuals in every aspect of life. Chris believes a life coach should assist someone in the Four Pillars of life (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) so they can achieve more and serve more.

What Others Have Said

“In twenty years of Educational Administration and Church work, I have found that a person who can motivate youth and Adults alike is extremely rare. Chris has the amazing talent to captivate an audience of any age in a phenomenal and positive way! Your group needs him!”

“What a wonderful, exciting, uplifting experience for them. I could see the light bulbs in their faces. They were truly listening to you and taking in what you had to say. I especially loved how you left them with 3 concrete things that they could begin to do immediately that would begin to change not only their own personal world views, but would impact those around them. I saw the change in them. Thank you for making an impact on these future leaders.”

“Chris Gallagher is a dynamic speaker, capturing his audience, Chris clearly makes his points. Chris is also a smart speaker relating to all ages. I see Chris as being innovative by using multiple media points to connect to a much larger audience.”

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